Conditions of Enrollment

(Please read before you sign the application form)

1. Definition:

For the purpose of these conditions of enrolment, the commencement of registration means:  

The first day of registration for the course in which the student is enrolled.

2. Validity of Course Programs:

The ICCA Dubai Amateur Program registration is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the first course start date as reserved. In case of deferment, the remainder of the course can be completed full time, with a regular batch, subject to availability of a seat, or part-time with the weekend batch, as may be. All classes must be completed within the given period, beyond which the program would be considered cancelled and all fees thereof forfeited.


Discontinuation and Re-joining a Program :

  1. Those who discontinue their program midway can re-join another group within the validity period and continue their classes until completion.
  2. Only one such request will be accepted, and any further change will be charged as a make-up class.

Extension of Course Validity

  1. Validity of a Registration can be extended only for a period of One Year after the Validity Lapse Date.
  2. Re-registration is done on payment of a Re-registration Fees of AED 2,000.
  3. Re-registration must be done within Three Months of the Course Lapse Date, as after this date, the validity of registration cannot be extended.

Attempting to take a course after the lapse of Extended Validity

  1. After the lapse of the Extended Validity, any request for taking the course will be treated as a New Registration.
  2. Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL for examinations and attendance may be offered only within One Year of the Course Lapse Date. This procedure is to ensure that the knowledge certified is Current and Valid.

Make-up Classes

Those who miss attending classes in the course initially enrolled can avail themselves the opportunity to make up the classes missed, as under -  

  1. Booking Classes -
    • Makeup Classes can be booked upon payment of Admin Fees of AED 100 per request, plus  AED 100 for every Class Session booked under a given request.
    • Such classes will be scheduled with other regular groups of the same program.
  2. Change in Schedule -
    • Any further change in schedule will be charged AED 100, and if such request for a change is made after the given booking date, then the fees paid towards the classes previously booked will be forfeited.
  3. Non-Attendance -
    • Classes booked and missed will be forfeited.
3. Course Fees:

All course or package fees may be paid in AED / USD by Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), to the official ICCA Dubai account, whichever is convenient.


The course / composite package offer (CPO) fees as per the Option Plan selected are payable in full, to be paid before the commencement of the course or by way of a payment plan in instalments with date-confirmed post-dated cheques.

  1. Three instalments in the case of Regular (Full-time) Programs are allowed.
  2. Four instalments in the case of the Weekend (Part-time) Programs are allowed.  

ICCA Dubai will not be responsible for any money paid to any representatives or other individuals not formally authorised by ICCA Dubai.


All bank transfer charges and other incidental charges, as may be applicable, are payable extra, in actual, by the candidate.


Cheque Recall / Return: Please note a charge of AED 500 is payable if a cheque is recalled from the bank or is returned due to insufficient funds or any other reasons.

  1. If the returned / unpaid cheque is not paid / settled within 10 working days of being returned / unpaid, then the course will automatically stand cancelled.
  2. In the case of Cancellation of Course due to Non-Payment or lapse of validity, a Re-Registration Fee AED 5,000 is to be paid towards Re-Registration into the Course. In this case, the validity of the course is extended by 1 year from the first date of validity.
4. Cancellation and Refunds:

The Course Fees for the Amateur Program will be refunded only in the following circumstances, if:

  1. ICCA Dubai cancels the course in which the student is enrolled. In this case, ICCA Dubai will refund the Course Fees on a pro rata basis;
  2. ICCA Dubai receives written notice of cancellation of Enrolment from the student at least 28 days before the first day of the course. Note: In the event that enrolment is cancelled by the student, ICCA Dubai will retain 25% of the Course Fees towards administrative costs.

Refunds will only be transferred through normal banking channels to the person who paid the course fees in their source country, e.g., if the financial sponsor of the student has paid the course fees, the refund will only be transferred to their bank account in their home country.


ICCA Dubai will refund approved amounts within 8 weeks after receiving a written claim from the student.


The Course Fees for the Amateur Program will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances, if:

  1. The student cancels their enrolment less than 28 days prior to the course commencement.
  2. The student discontinues the course for any reason after the commencement of the course program.
  3. The course start date is deferred or the course is cancelled due to unforeseeable events or unavoidable circumstances, such as Acts of God and not limited to natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, war, fire, among others, and directives issued by UAE Governing bodies.
  4. The Course or Course Fees are not transferrable.
5. Course Program and Class Plans

Menu plans of one Course program are not interchangeable with the Menu plans of another Course Program. In short, any kind of combination of course plans or activities is not permissible.


Items listed within a class plan menu are not changeable.

6. Standard Operating Procedures, Class Schedules, Code of Conduct & Rights:

Students are requested to read the Amateur Program – Procedures and Policies, provided upon request at the time of enrolment.


Kindly adhere to the class time schedules.


It is important that a student or students of a group do not disturb the other classes around in any manner.


Students are required to assist with post-class clean-up and wash-up.


Food packed and taken out of ICCA Dubai premises is at the students’ risk for Food Safety purposes.

7. Compliance, Termination and Rights:

ICCA Dubai reserves the right to expel a student for a serious breach of discipline, upon which the Course Fee will not be refunded.


As part of continuous development and quality delivery, ICCA Dubai reserves all rights to amend the course content, course cost, schedules and procedures and policies.

8. Grievance Resolution:

ICCA Dubai has policies and procedures in place for the hearing of student difficulties and grievances.


If a student is not satisfied with the outcome, an independent dispute resolution can be availed, under the jurisdiction of Dubai, UAE laws. The student must agree that damages are limited exclusively to a refund of the course fee for the course selected and that they are entitled to no other consequential, incidental or punitive damages.

9. Additional Details:

Additional details with regards to course Enrolment and course program will be provided upon formal application of interest to the program.


Any and all materials including photographs and videos taken during the training session may be used for ICCA Dubai’s official advertising and/or marketing purposes. Your presence at the venue shall be deemed your consent to appear in such material and for the use of such material in which you might appear by ICCA Dubai without compensation. Should you not wish to appear in such materials, please inform us prior to enrolment.

10. International Student


  1. Application for the ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are only for courses that are of one month in duration or more.  

  2. ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are applied only upon full payment of the course program and visa fees.

  3. Country-specific UAE Visa and immigration laws apply.

  4. The ICCA sponsored visas  are subject to immediate cancellation upon completion of the course program.



  • Accommodation (Optional)
    Upon request, ICCA Dubai helps arrange Student Accommodation of choice, offered at preferential prices with select Student Residences and Hotel Apartments subject to their respective Terms & Conditions.

  • Booking Terms and Conditions
    • Rooms reservations are subject to room availability when making payment.
    • If the type of room selected is not unavailable, then in such cases, available room types or other alternatives will be made known to help opt from as a permanent or interim measure.
    • In the cases where no rooms are available, then in such cases, the fees collected towards accommodation will be refunded in full.


The ICCA offer does not offer any personal medical insurance. International students are advised to get medical insurance of their choice before they travel to the UAE.