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Discover and select from a wide range of globally recognized, accredited courses in an area of your choice based on your interests and learning goals.

Professional Diploma Program

Our flagship program, designed for the aspiring chefs & entrepreneurs, with guaranteed job placements at top brands, and skills for the food business.

Entrepreneurs and Restaurateurs

Thousands of restaurants dot the marketplace. The fact remains that many new restaurants or eateries face a high failure rate, with the primary reason being the lack of research and making ill-informed decisions. ICCA Dubai helps make a difference with the proper establishment of your new concept – whether a restaurant, café, eatery, or outlet – with sound fundamentals necessary to succeed.

Amateur Programs

Our Amateur Programs in Cookery and Baking & Patisserie are a one-of-a-kind specially designed for home cooks, enthusiasts and aspiring home chefs, to help learn the techniques, art and skills to create restaurant-quality dishes right at home. This highly rated certificate programme also forms an effective pathway for students to upgrade their Amateur Course Credits to enroll for our internationally recognised professional programs in Cookery or Baking and Patisserie.

Artisanal Courses

Classes for those seeking to understand the traditional art, nuances of the craft, and the science behind high-quality and distinctive handmade food and beverages. Our artisanal courses help home cooks, food artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and even industry professionals gain a thorough understanding of what makes the handmade process unique and successful. Get to choose from a variety of popular artisanal courses…



Dry Mixology

Artisanal Coffee

Corporate Solutions

ICCA Dubai is the ideal partner of choice for customised corporate engagement initiatives and workshops, for delivering an unmatched experience in a state-of-the-art, international award-winning professional training kitchen facility. ICCA’s long-proven track record, experience and expertise along with its wide ranging technical capabilities, help curate industry workshops, deliver Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs for enabling effective brand awareness, product influence, technical learning, and much more.