IWP Program

Industry Internship & Work Placement Program

ICCA Dubai’s IWP (Industry Internship / Work Experience Placement) Program is an industry integration initiative specially designed for students wishing to join the industry as Professional Chefs by way of regular employment or an internship leading
to work placement.

The IWP Program is separately conducted in addition to the 620 hours of intensive on-campus guided learning and training, which comprise our Professional Program.

The IWP arrangements are in the form of either regular employment to begin with, or
an industry internship generally of 6 to 12 months’ duration, successful completion of
which would lead the student chef to a regular
work placement.

Why Internships / Work Experience in Dubai are so valuable

The UAE has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Dubai boasts a vast hospitality industry, comprising most leading international hotel chains and some of the best luxury hotels in the world. The food industry here is also very competitive and highly discerning, with most international retail food concepts and global specialty restaurants established here. Thus, work experience and internships in the food and hospitality industry in the UAE are highly valued and recognised the world over.

ICCA Dubai IWEP Program Process

Students enrolled in the IWP program, in compliance with the set terms and conditions, undergo the following processes which are designed to help prepare them for industry interviews and employment in the best way possible.

1. Industry Attitudinal and Professional Development Training
2. Class Performance Monitoring System
3. Industry Exposure
4. Revision and Reinforcement
5. Interview Skills Practice and Perfection
6. Industry Standards Assurances
7. Placement Optimisation / Last-mile customisation
8. IWP Support and Services

Placements for our IWP Program is arranged by way of on-campus interviews. The placement contracts if any are directly agreed to between the candidate and the Human Resource (HR) Department of the respective employing company. All such contracts are subject to the successful completion of the course program as well as the aptitude, attitude and skill set demonstrated by the candidates throughout the IWP training and at the placement interview, trade test scores, and are subject to the candidate clearing the associated age, visa, statutory and medical conditions.

ICCA Dubai WP / Internship Certification:

The first 6 to 12 months of the internship or work placement would be construed as Industry Internship and ICCA Dubai will provide a formal industry internship certificate. The industry internship certification is subject to provision of proof of continuous engagement for the said period and submission of a personal Work Experience report by the intern to ICCA Dubai.

IWP Eligibility

• Age – 21 to 28 years
(Min. age for a work permit in the UAE and GCC Countries and for international cruise lines is 21 years)

• Medical Fitness – The candidate must pass a medical examination for Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS/HIV, Leprosy and Syphilis in order to be considered eligible for a work permit.