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A Culinary Program for Casuals to Rise and Level Up...
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The ICCA Certified Smart Hands in Cookery

The ICCA Certified Smart Hands in Baking & Patisserie

The ICCA Certified Smart Hands in Cookery

The ICCA Certified Smart Hands in Baking & Patisserie

About the Program

Smart Hands is a Culinary Training Program for the Hospitality Industry Casuals to Rise and Level Up;  a visionary collaboration between Ogram, an expert in on-demand staffing solutions company and the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA), Dubai, the Middle East's premier award-winning culinary school.

A concise yet comprehensive training program that encompasses the necessary fundamental knowledge and skillset, safety protocols, industry etiquette, and best practices, helping facilitate seamless integration and quality delivery.  

Why Choose the Program

The Smart Hands Training Program, tailored for aspiring casuals, is an investment dedicated to cultivating individuals with a strong emphasis on practical application, effective delivery, and tangible outcomes; it fosters holistic personal and professional growth and a mindset for culinary excellence.

As a graduate of the Smart Hands Program, you'll qualify for higher-paying stints. This reflects the culinary skills and knowledge you've gained, making you a valuable casual in any kitchen.

Pay Rates

Stand out in the Ogram community with priority access to job placements. This means you get a priority on the top cooking opportunities, putting you ahead of the competition.

Access to
Premium Jobs

Unlock the opportunity to showcase your culinary talents with prestigious clients, including five-star hotels and high-end restaurants. This exposure can significantly boost your professional reputation and open doors to exciting prospects.

To Work with
Elite Clients

Display your achievement proudly with a special ICCA badge on your Ogram profile. This badge is a symbol of your commitment to quality and distinguishes you.


Receive the cooking skills rating on Ogram, highlighting you as a prime candidate for better culinary opportunities. This rating is a testament to your expertise and dedication to quality.

Skills Rated
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The Curriculum

The Smart Hands Program curriculum hones essential knowledge, skills, and best practices, helping to set the foundation for a successful stint as a casual in the culinary industry.

What You'll Learn? 

Theory Sessions Cover:

Work with colleagues and customers - Work in a Culturally Diverse Environment - Dealing with Conflict - Self-Development - Provide Guest Service - Follow Health Safety and Security Procedures - Introduction to the Kitchen and Hospitality Industry - Food Safety and HACCP.

Practical Sessions Focus on:

Units of Measurement (Metric System vs Imperial System) - Conversion Between Systems - Measuring and Scaling Recipes Practice - Comparative Density Study - Calibration of Kitchen Tools - Proper Usage of a Thermometer - Cutting Skills: Knife Safety and Types of Knives - Equipment Training: Names of Kitchen Tools and Utensils, Proper Usage, Cleaning, and Care - Preparation Techniques: Terminology of Techniques - Methods of Cookery: Basic Methods of Cookery - Storage Management: Receiving, Naming, and Identification of Commodities, Different Types of Storage, Cleaning, Chiller Tagging, and Labelling .

Duration and Delivery

The Smart Hands Training Program spans two weeks (6 days a week) for a comprehensive 12 days of transformative training. Each day is meticulously structured to introduce new topics, reinforce previous learnings, and ensure familiarity and mastery through repeated reinforcement. 

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements

The individual must be 18 - 45 years of age.

Assessment and Certification Process

Upon successful completion of the daily and end-of-course assessments, learners will be awarded a certificate of completion from ICCA Dubai, attested by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai, UAE. 

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Course starts on February 1, 2024, only 7 seats left (limited availability)

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ICCA Student Stories

Meet the ICCA alumni who started their culinary journey with us. Here's their experience and where they are today...

Meet The Faculty

Members of our faculty are industry veterans, who bring years of work experience with top brands from around the world to the training delivered here…

Chef Omkar Padwal

Chef Instructor- Baking & Patisserie

Driven by a strong passion for cooking, Omkar Padwal has always believed that food can change the world due to its universality and ability to break barriers.

With over a decade of experience working professionally in 5 countries and armed with a Diploma in Patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu, he aims to share his learnings with those passionate about entering the field.

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Chef Omkar Padwal

Chef Samuel Momoh

Chef Instructor Hot & Cold Kitchens

With over eight years of extensive experience in South American Cuisine and Fusion Cuisine, Chef Samuel Momoh has a track record of setting trends beyond the horizon and providing a world-class dining experience.

He is proficient in various cooking techniques and cuisines, with an innate talent for working with ingredients from countries around the world.

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Chef Samuel Momoh

Chef Leonardo Luzalillo

Chef Instructor- Baking & Patisserie

Driven by a strong passion for teaching and working towards contributing to the gastronomic heritage study of Chile, Chef Leonardo Luza Villo has always been focused on excelling in his craft. Armed with Gastronomy Associated Degree from INACAP, Food Innovation Diploma from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and training from Lenôtre Pastry School in Paris, Leonardo Luza Lillo comes with a decade of experience training Pastry Chefs and aims to share his knowledge with those keen to enter this industry.   

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Chef Leonardo Luzalillo